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My passion, area of research, work and teaching is Emotional Intelligence, or EQ.  I first became interested in the importance of EQ in the 8th grade.  My guidance counselor told me that she didn’t think I had the IQ to go to college and have a successful professional career, so she advised me to attend secretarial school and be a secretary until I married and had children.  My initial thought was, “But I’m smart.  I can be a success in college and beyond.  I’ll show her.”

I went on to take college prep courses, graduate second in my high school class, and attend college.  As a matter of fact, I kept going until I earned a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology.  I’ve been practicing as an industrial psychologist as the founder and senior partner of a consulting firm for 20 years now – not bad for someone with an IQ that wasn’t high enough for college!  My success has been because I’ve worked on dimensions of EQ, especially interpersonal skills.

I’m interested in my readers…….especially those who work in the area of EQ as a researcher, author or teacher.  How did you become interested in this field?  Do you have any good articles or books to recommend?  My book on the topic, with co-author Dr. Sheri Caldwell, is Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Develop Others, http://www.amazon.com/books.

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