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You’re More Creative Than You Think

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

I’ve heard many of my friends and coworkers say, “I’m just not creative!”  You may have more creativity locked inside than you realize.  The key to unlocking that creative bent is to engage in some different activities to stretch those creative brain muscles.

 One suggestion is to take an art of photography class, even if you haven’t ever had an interest in pursuing either as an avocation, let alone a vocation.  This type of class will guide you towards leaning on your visual sense of proportion and color placing items in relationship to one another for the best possible effect. 

More ideas on enhancing creativity next time!

Enhancing Interpersonal Skills

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

If you’re an introverted, reserved person, I have an idea that will help you to enhance the interpersonal dimension of EQ:  take a course on negotiation or conflict resolution!  Courses of this type require students to consider others’ needs and wants in order to offer solutions to problems they have in common.  Successful conflict resolution requires all parties involved to think creatively to find ways to improve a process or address a problem.  This helps develop the skill to articulate your own needs effectively, as well.

Committee Involvement Can Enhance Interpersonal Skills!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

If you select the right organization AND the right committee to join and get actively involved in, this can actually help you develop your interpersonal skills.  To get the most from committee membership, go to as many of the social hour portion of the meetings as you can and walk from group to group to introduce yourself.  Find two of three people you enjoy being with and ask what committee they’re on….join and get involved with that committee.  It’s likely to be work you enjoy and promote your interpersonal abilities at the same time.

You Can Improve Your Memory!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

I’ve heard lots of complaints from forty-somethings about not having as good a memory as in the past.  There are ways to improve one’s memory!  Let me just share a couple of them:

 When we meet someone for the first time, we can say their name out loud and form a mental image of the name associated with something that sticks with us.  For example, if you meet someone named Harry Bush, say his name and plant a mental image in your mind of a hairy bush.  If you’re reading about a new idea or subject on your computer, make it harder – yes harder – to read by changing the font style to a smaller style or something like Andy that isn’t as familiar.  This will actually help you remember the topic!  One more suggestion, and it seems unrelated to memory:  walk more.  My research indicates that physical activity stimulates and helps build brain muscle, which in turn helps strengthen memory!