You Can Improve Your Memory!

I’ve heard lots of complaints from forty-somethings about not having as good a memory as in the past.  There are ways to improve one’s memory!  Let me just share a couple of them:

 When we meet someone for the first time, we can say their name out loud and form a mental image of the name associated with something that sticks with us.  For example, if you meet someone named Harry Bush, say his name and plant a mental image in your mind of a hairy bush.  If you’re reading about a new idea or subject on your computer, make it harder – yes harder – to read by changing the font style to a smaller style or something like Andy that isn’t as familiar.  This will actually help you remember the topic!  One more suggestion, and it seems unrelated to memory:  walk more.  My research indicates that physical activity stimulates and helps build brain muscle, which in turn helps strengthen memory!

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