Interviewing for Learning Agility

Have you had what you thought was a positive interview, made the hire, and then found out within a couple of months that the new employee didn’t have the capacity to learn their job, how you customers worked, or important aspects of your organizational culture?  If you have, I’d like to share some questions you can specifically ask to ensure candidates have learning agility.  Watch my Blog over the next few days because I’ll have a couple of questions each day.

Interview Question 1:  Would you prefer to learn by reading instructions, watching someone else perform a task, or by doing it on your own by trial and error?

Answer Guide:  You want the candidate to demonstrate an awareness of how he or she learns best so you can provide appropriate on-the-job training.  Ideally, the candidate will have a preferred learning style and indicate that he/she will try other approaches, depending on the situation. 

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