Debriefing Process and Learning Agility

Debriefing is a structured learning process designed to continuously evolve plans while they’re being executed. This approach is meant to ensure that teams learn quickly in rapidly changing circumstances, to address mistakes or errors in judgment right away. This also brings a team together so they’re constantly attacking problems – not each other. Debriefing is an excellent tool to build a high performing team.

Debriefing is effective because the process digs into why things happened and explores implications for the future. This allows for understanding to occur and minimizes battles that start because of bruised egos. The focus is on what to keep doing to achieve successful outcomes and what to stop doing, not “who is right”.

Teams that are successful at debriefing use this framework:
– A regular time and location for debriefs is established
– Expectations are set at the outset that the purpose is for learning, and anyone can learn, even top level staff
– Four key questions are addressed –
1) What went well?
2) What do we need to change?
3) What caused us to be less effective than we hoped?
4) What’s our biggest lesson learned?

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