Learning Agility and Competitive Advantage

The world is becoming smaller, more interconnected and business savvy, resulting in the need for companies to have employees who can manage change in order to survive and thrive. Employees with learning agility can ensure business agility through the development of improved processes and systems. New knowledge is everywhere around us and will, if managed well, generate excitement and employee engagement as well as bottom line success.

A 2010 IBM study analyzed businesses that have increased their agility and enjoyed improved business results as a consequence. The companies represented in the IBM research are in the financial, insurance and healthcare industries in the U.S., U.K. and India. These companies saw a positive correlation between employee learning agility and:

– New business growth
– Cost reductions across the organization
– Innovative solutions that improved brand image
– Expansion of call center productivity without staff increases

Stay tuned for my upcoming book, co-authored with Dr. Sheri Caldwell, Learning Agility: The Competitive Advantage, for more on this topic!

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