How to Tell if Your Company Isn’t Learning Agile

Recently, I’ve been sharing some thoughts about what learning agile companies look like. If you’re a leader who’s wondering what to look for to indicate that your company is not learning agile, here’s a checklist of sorts. If most of your employees would respond “yes” to these questions on a survey, your culture is not learning agile:

1) Do people here seem to keep information close to the vest?
2) Are industry trends only shared with a small group?
3) Do people hold back on passing along information to other departments that they believe might be useful?
4) Are brainstorming activities treated with suspicion?
5) Is the concept of a career matrix for employee development foreign to your culture?
6) Do leaders dismiss the idea of company wide core competencies?
7) Is taking time off to attend seminars frowned upon?
8) Is huddling spur of the moment to discuss an exciting new idea seen as a waste of time?
9) Are employees discouraged from taking time to develop individual development plans?

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