Metrics for Learning Agility

Like any organizational endeavor, I believe that metrics should be established when an organization decides to focus on building a learning agile culture. I suggest the following steps for incorporating metrics into this effort.

1) Clearly describe each success metric. You can use the SMART goals framework so that metrics are specific; measurable; achievable; relevant; and time based.

2) Top leadership must support the company initiative and be prepared to strive to achieve the metrics themselves. Some of my client companies include company initiative success on leaders’ performance reviews.

3) The number of metrics chosen should be manageable. It’s better to have five meaningful, valid metrics than 20 that aren’t really related to the initiative objectives.

4) As time goes by, it will likely be necessary to revise the metrics selected. Keep the targets challenging enough to ensure a culture of excellence, yet achievable so that employees are motivated to reach objectives.

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