Building Change Agility

I’ve found that people resist change for many reasons; however, most of the reasons are fear based. To overcome this fear as a leader, I try to create what I call moments of truth. These are the lightbulb moments when a person feels compelled to make necessary changes. You can create these moments by:

– Explaining exactly what will change in their world. What will they have to give up, specifically? It may be their routine, comfort level with the tried-and-true, or convenience. The sooner you have this discussion, the sooner you can help someone develop an action plan for dealing with the change.

– Explain your plan or vision for new possibilities. Will people have an opportunity to meet new people; travel somewhere interesting; move upward in their career? Help them get excited about a new normal.

– Invite discussion. Let people vent for a moment or share potential barriers. Just having this dialogue helps people voice their fears and lets you understand what resources you may need to provide to help them cope.

– Help people

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