The 8 Ways of Thinking of a Leader in Balance

Yesterday I mentioned my research for the book I co-authored with Dr. John Kucia, Leadership in Balance: New Habits of the Mind. We interviewed over 50 leaders of successful, resilient companies and found these patterns in the way they think about leadership:
1) Leadership is a relationship, not a position. People respond to humans, not dictators.
2) The leader embodies the brand promise. People watch what leaders do, not say.
3) A leader is motivated by company Mission; that Mission drives the numbers. Focus on why the company exists.
4) Collaboration must have a purpose. Meetings should not be random – understand who, and why, people should be there.
5) Power, authority and responsibility should be shared throughout the organization. Educate and Empower others.
6) Teaching and leadership have a great deal in common. Telling isn’t as effective as modeling.
7) A personal comfort with diversity is at the center of collaboration. “My way or the highway” doesn’t work.
8) The challenge of leading change is focusing on not trying to completely control people.

These mindsets are necessary for successfully giving a voice to employees throughout the organization, yet still maintaining a strong leadership role. Tomorrow I’ll share some of the critical behaviors that support these ways of thinking.

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