What a Leader in Balance Will and Will Not Do

My experience is that a leader who is not in balance (balance between being collaborative and autocratic) searches for ways to tear down others’ ideas; doesn’t have a viable option once the ideas have been dismissed; tends to fall back on tried and (maybe) true approaches; and accepts a rubber stamp “yes” to his or her own thoughts too readily. Other the other hand, a leader who wants each person in the organization to have a voice truly collaborates, going beyond basic communication.

Communication is sharing information. For example, “We have a customer who is asking for new approaches to how we deliver products.”

Cooperation is sharing an attitude. For example, “Let’s pull together and figure out how to serve the customer’s request.”

Coordination is sharing responsibilities. For example, “Who should do what, and by when, to get the newest product delivery out as requested?”

Collaboration is sharing a common purpose. For example, “Our mission is to provide a safe, quality product when we say we will.”

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